Why Major in Biology?

Biology is a diverse and exciting field. Both as preparation for specific professional careers and as the focus of a general liberal arts curriculum, a major in Biology is an excellent choice for many Stanford students.

The Biology major can serve as a stepping-stone for a wide variety of career opportunities. For students planning to attend medical, dental, or veterinary school, or graduate school in biological and applied sciences, the biology major provides a strong foundation in the basic life sciences. This foundation of knowledge, plus laboratory experience, also prepares students well for research and technical positions in universities, government, and industry.

While a major in Biology provides an excellent background for these technical careers, it can also serve as a valuable and satisfying focus of a liberal arts education for those not planning careers in science-related fields. An understanding of basic biological principles is of increasing importance in today’s world. A knowledgeable and concerned citizenry is the best guarantee that these issues will be resolved most effectively. Finally, an understanding of the processes of life can heighten our perception and appreciation of the world around us, in terms of its beauty, variety, and uniqueness.

Throughout these pages, students will find information from courses, how to declare the major and complete requirements to resources on campus for career services, advising, and research opportunities:

Courses for Freshmen
Declaring the major
Degree Requirements
Research and Honors in Biology
Studying Abroad or Away from Stanford
Senior Reflection
Careers & Extra-Curriculars