Biobridge is located in Gilbert 108, the Department of Biology Student Services Office. We are a group of experienced Biology majors that are available to answer your questions.

2014-15 BioBridge team:
Chris Connolly, Class of '15
Jennifer Meylor, Class of '16
Nnaoma Oji, Class of '15
Cynthia Truong, Class of '15
Amy Zuckerwise, Class of '15

Stop by for course advice, help finding an advisor, declaring your major, finding research, etc. We hold office hours during the regular school year (Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters). In addition to stopping by our office hours, you can contact us by e-mail or by online form.

Office hours for Spring 2014-2015 begin on Monday, April 6, 2015:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1-4 pm
  2-4:30 pm
1-4:15 pm
1-3:30 pm

Chris Connolly is a senior from Chicago, Illinois majoring in General Biology, while also pursuing his coterm in Biology. Chis has taken advantage of many of Stanford’s opportunities to explore his interests in biology including Introductory Seminars and the brand new Notation in Science Writing offered through Stanford’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric. In the previous academic year, Chris was a Biology tutor for the Bio Core through Stanford’s Center for Teaching and Learning. In the upcoming school year Chris will reprise this role, along with additional responsibilities as a lead biology tutor. When not studying or working, Chris engages in physical therapy for his spinal cord injury, acts as President for Power2ACT: Stanford’s group for disabled students and their allies, and enjoys watching mystery and thriller movies.

Jenn Meylor is an Indian Health Service Scholar and is majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. She is working on her Honors Thesis in Josef Parvizi's Lab in the Department of Neurology where she uses electrophysiological methods to understand the spatiotemporal neuronal dynamics of regions in the brain during the process of learning. Jenn is also an Emergency Medical Technician for Stanford Emergency Medical Services and is the President of Stanford Natives in Medicine. Jenn is working to one day become a physician and specialize in pediatric neurology.

Nnaoma Oji is a senior pursuing honors in biology with a concentration in biochemistry and biophysics. Born in Minneapolis, Nnaoma has performed research in neurobiology for the past three years. He investigated models of neuropathic pain at the University of Minnesota and is currently working on his honors thesis as a member of the Plant lab in Stanford’s School of Medicine. His thesis is an interdisciplinary project in biomaterials and regenerative medicine that investigates the properties of stem cell encapsulating hydrogels in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. Nnaoma studied abroad in Madrid last winter and has had the opportunity to explore his interests in biotechnology and education as a Senior-Chair on SSB’s innovation incubator committee. After graduating, Nnaoma plans on applying to medical school. Though Nnaoma is a sports fanatic, he also enjoys spending time with friends and listening to music. He looks forward to helping students interested in research, studying abroad, medical/graduate school, and putting together 4-year plans.

Cynthia Truong is a pre-med senior from Houston, TX pursuing a major in General Biology and a minor in Studio Art, with a focus in painting. She has worked in the Riedel-Kruse Lab in the department of bioengineering for the past three years, focusing on the development of microfluidics dispensing technology to promote remote/web-based biological experimentation. In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys painting, drawing, and exploring other creative media. Cynthia is planning on applying to medical school after graduation. She's more than happy to talk to students about pre-med/pre-grad, in- or out-of-department research, creating a 4-year plan, or just life as a Biology major in general!

Amy Zuckerwise is a senior pursuing honors in Biology with a field of study in Ecology and Evolution. She is originally from the Los Angeles area, and loves to travel both within California and around the world. She studied at Hopkins Marine Station, completed an internship in the Fukami Lab on the Big Island of Hawaii, studied island biogeography on an Overseas Seminar in Madagascar, and studied abroad in Australia. Her current honors research looks at bobcat habitat preferences at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, where she is a docent. When she graduates, she hopes to take a gap year and then continue to graduate school. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, travel, and photography. She is happy to talk about research, study abroad, Hopkins, honors, ecology, or getting as much as possible out of the Bio major.