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Biology Department Leadership

Department Chair: Martha Cyert
Cell, Molecular and Organismal Biology Associate Chair: Dominqiue Bergmann
Ecology and Evolution Associate Chair: Marcus Feldman
Hopkins Marine Station co-Directors and Associate Chairs: Fiorenza Micheli and Jeremy Goldbogen

Graduate Studies Committee Chair: José Dinneny
Undergraduate Studies Committee Chair: Tad Fukami
Postdoctoral Affairs Committee Chairs: Judith Frydman and Alice Ting
Graduate Admissions Chairs: Kristy Red-Horse, Tad Fukami, and Chris Lowe

Return to Research Committee Chair: Ron Kopito
Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Committee Chairs: Susan McConnell and Kabir Peay

Seminars Committee:  Jonas Cremer and Molly Schumer

Jasper Ridge Faculty Director: Elizabeth Hadly
Plant Growth Facilities Committee Chair: Dominique Bergmann

Graduate Student Representatives: Aurora Alvarez-Buyulla, Paul Bump, Priscilla San Juan