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Hopkins Marine Station Resources

Campus Health Services Fee 

The following policy takes effect Winter Quarter 2018-2019 for all Biology PhD student at Hopkins Marine Station:

  • All Hopkins students will receive funding from the Department of Biology to cover the Campus Health Services Fee (CHSF) each quarter.
  • Though the University does not allow departments to cover the CHSF directly, we have increased your stipend/salary level to account for this quarterly fee ($224 per quarter during the 2019-2020 academic year).  NOTE - You must pay the quarterly CHSF through your University Bill.
  • If you know that you will not need to access the Vaden Health Center at all during the coming academic year, please email Vanessa Sutter and she will help you enable the CHSF exemption.

Travel Reimbursement

The following two pronged approach will begin in the 2019-2020 academic year:

  1. All Biology PhD Hopkins Marine Station students in years 2+ will receive an annual stipend of $200 to account for expenses that arise from the need to travel to and from main campus (e.g., the need for urgent medical attention on campus, an important meeting that is called on short notice, etc.).
  2. For more sustained, predictable expenses (e.g., you need to be on campus for several days in a row to use specific machines), students should present Hopkins Marine Station Co-Directors  with a plan and budget for their expenses on a quarterly basis. Please plan to submit your plan near the beginning of the quarter in which the expense will occur. Once the proposed expenses have been approved, you can then turn in receipts to Judy and you will be reimbursed.  Note: this plan is intended to cover only out of pocket expenses that cannot be covered by one's advisor.

Dewar Travel Grants

Thanks to a generous gift from Roderick Dewar, I am pleased to be able to offer Hopkins graduate students a new source of funds for travel to conferences, classes, and research that will broaden their graduate experience. The award is given as a reimbursement after travel is completed and receipts have been submitted.

      Preference will be given to students whose expenses cannot be covered by the student’s advisor or other funding sources (e.g., BioSciences Travel Grants).

  • For conferences, preference will be given to students who are presenting posters or talks.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please apply at least 4 weeks in advance of travel.
  • Applications submitted after travel has begun will not be accepted.
  • Each student is eligible for no more than one of these grants per academic year.
  • For details and the application form, please reference here.

Lederberg Graduate Research Grants

  • The intent of these grants is to provide Hopkins graduate students with research opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them.
  • Funds can be requested for equipment, travel, and lodging related to that travel. Funds cannot not be requested for scientific meetings, salary, meals, or publication expenses. 
  • Application deadlines: February 1 and July 1.
  • Requests up to $7,000 will be considered.
  • Details for for the proposal application can be found here.

Station Cars

• The station owns a Prius for graduate students and post-docs, which may only be used for work purposes and may not be taken overnight.
• Cars are most often used for transportation to campus, making parking much easier. You may park the Prius in pretty much any zone on campus without paying parking fees.
• Ask Judy if you would like to reserve a vehicle. Make sure to also ask her for the gas card codes!
• If the car is not available and you drive your own car for business, you may ask to be reimbursed for travel, but check in with Judy first.

Enterprise Rent a Car

  • Looking for great prices on rental cars for any time frame, from one hour to several months? The Enterprise Rent-A-Car  offers special services to members of the Stanford community.

Hopkins Marine Status Medical and Dental Information

Finding a Doctor

Students can register and log in to the Health Net/MHN/Cardinal Care website to locate an in-network provider.  Your  Health Net/MHN ID number is your 8-digit SUID number with the letter U in front of it:

Finding a Dentist 

Students can register and log in to the Delta Dental/Cardinal Care website to locate and in - network provider.   Your Delta Dental ID number is their 8-digit SUID number:

Approved Monterey Service Providers 

Dowload the list of providers: