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BioBridge Peer Advising

BioBrige, Student Services Office, Gilbert 108

BioBridge peer advising is located in Gilbert room 108. 

What is BioBridge?

BioBridge is an undergraduate peer advising group and informational resource for the Department of Biology. BioBridge advisors serve as a link to several aspects of the biology major by:

  • Coordinating outreach programs for current and prospective biology majors
  • Organizing info sessions and panels on topics related to research, grants, the major, employment, and other post-graduate opportunities
  • Offering social events where Biology majors and prospective majors can get to know each other
  • Answering questions about major requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Promoting interaction between Biology faculty and undergrad students

If you have questions about how to declare the major, find a research position, which courses to take, or where to study away from campus while still graduating in 4 years, come by the BioBride office hours or send them an email.

Office Hours

Office hours are held during weeks 2-9 of Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Due to the shelter in place, we will be hosting Zoom office hours in Spring Quarter. You will find the Zoom link in the weekly Biology newsletter. If don't receive the newsletter, please send an email to the BioBridge peer advisors. 


Spring Quarter 2019-20 Schedule:

  • Monday  - 10-11:30am (Laura), 11:30am-1:00pm (Jiwoo), 1-2:30pm (Areta)
  • Tuesday - 1-4:00pm (Yasmin)
  • Thursday - 1-4:00pm (Beatrice)
  • Friday - 10-11:30am (Laura), 11:30am-1:00pm (Jiwoo), 1-2:30pm (Areta)

Meet Your Advisors

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson, Class of '20Laura is a senior from Washington, D.C. majoring in biology (marine biology track) and pursuing a coterminal M.A. in Earth Systems, Environmental Communication. Broadly, she is interested in understanding how ocean ecosystems work and how to translate ocean science to environmental policy. Laura spent the spring and summer of her sophomore year at Hopkins Marine Station, first taking courses in marine science and then working in the Micheli Lab studying kelp grazing. At Stanford, Laura works as a communications intern with the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, which has helped her connect research with science communication. In her free time, you can find Laura biking around campus, playing saxophone in the band, cheering on the Washington Capitals or planning another adventure to the ocean. She’s excited to talk to students about studying off-campus, internship and research opportunities, the Notation in Science Communication program, coterming, scuba diving and finding ways to balance schoolwork with exploring the outdoors!

Areta Lynn Buness, Class of '19: Areta is a Coterm graduate student from Phoenix, Arizona. In her undergrad (at Stanford) she majored in General Biology and she is now pursuing her Master's in Biology, focused in envinromental microbiology and environmental science. Areta is interested in the future of the environment and how biology can contribute to sustainability through biofuels and biotechnology. Last summer Areta worked in the Spormann Lab researching sulfate reducing bacteria in the gut microbiome. The previous summer she worked at the Norwegian PSC Research Center in Oslo also studying interactions in the gut microbiome. Areta played on the Varsity Women's Lacrosse team for all four years of undergrad and would love to talk about time management and organization with sports and other time consuming extra curriculars. In her free time Areta enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, painting, reading, playing sports, and going to the beach. 

Beatrice Choi, Class of '21Beatrice is a senior majoring in developmental, cellular, and molecular biology. She is interested in cardiology and is currently in Joseph Wu’s lab working to model cardiovascular disease through the use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC’s). She hopes to attend medical school in the future and is passionate about serving underprivileged communities. Currently, she works as a patient care coordinator at the Arbor Free Clinic and was a community health and youth outreach intern for the Asian Liver Center. She also loves to work with children, and is the counselor coordinator for Camp Kesem. Beatrice loves music and played violin in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra for two years. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, eating good food, and growing plants. 

Yasmin Eltawil

Yasmin Eltawil, Class of '20: Yasmin is a senior majoring in biology who was born and raised in San Francisco to Syrian immigrants. She really enjoys doing service work in the Bay Area and beyond. Yasmin also helps local and international refugees manage their health care options and provides translation services. She plans on attending medical school after her undergraduate years. Aside from being a part of the BioBridge team Yasmin is a director on the Mint Magazine events team and is a mentor for Syrian Youth Empowerment, a non-profit initiative to support the higher education of Syrian high school students. She works in the Cheng lab in the Otolaryngology department doing work on hair cell regeneration in the murine utricle. Yasmin is always excited to talk to students about volunteer opportunities with underprivileged youth in the Bay Area and any opportunities to work with refugee families. A fun fact about me is that I have an extra rib, which only occurs in approximately 0.2% of the population!

Jiwoo Lee, Class of '21: Jiwoo is a junior majoring in biology with a concentration in computational biology. She was born in Wisconsin, went to school in New Jersey, but proudly hails from Boston, Massachusetts. She is passionate about human genetics, big data, and ethical considerations of both. The past summer, Jiwoo spent a month in northern Europe conduction cardiovascular disease research on electronic health recoded of more than a half million individuals, and also traveled to six different countries in her free time. Currently, she works in the Fraser Lab, developing a foundation for massively parallel precise genome editing to enable CRISPR screens in human cells. She is also the President of Korean-American Student Association, a volunteer with Cardinal Free Clinics, and is involved with SYZ, APAMSA, SURA. Jiwoo loves hiking, skiing, and riding her pennyboard. She is excited to talk to students about research, four-year plans, and being pre-med at Stanford.