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Coterminal Master's Program Requirements

The MS program consists of Department of Biology* and/or Hopkins Marine Station course work, approved out-of-department electives, and foundational breadth courses totaling at least 45 units at or above the 100-level, distributed as follows:

  • All courses must be at least at the 100-level with a minimum of 23 units of graduate level courses (typically at the 200-level or higher, but not always).
  • A maximum of 18 units may be a combination of Biology research, directed reading, and/or teaching (BIO 198, 198X, 290, 290X, 291, 296, 300, 300X**; BIOHOPK 175H, 198H, 290H, 300H).
  • A maximum of 9 units may be foundational breadth courses in chemistry, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and/or physics beyond the level required for the undergraduate degree in Biology and at least at the 100-level.
  • A maximum of 9 units may be other Stanford course work relevant to a student's professional development. Students are required to petition for courses that fall into this category using the General Petition form.
  • A grade of "B-" or better must be recieved in all courses and only 6 units can be taken CR/NC.

Each candidate designs a coherent program of study in consultation with her or his department advisor. Although there are no specific courses required, program proposals must adhere to department parameters. A program proposal, signed by the student's faculty advisor and approved by the chair of the MS committee, must be filed by the third week of the first quarter of enrollment.

*Note - Any BIO class at the 100-level or above may be counted towards the coterm degree with the exception of BIO 196 A, B, & C. 

**Learn about out-of-department research (BIO 300X)