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The Senior Reflection

The Senior Reflection: Where Art Meets Science

In this three-quarter capstone course series, seniors in Biology and other life science majors undertake exciting, in-depth creative projects that join compelling scientific subjects with a passion for the arts.

Through peer workshops and expert mentorship in science and the arts, students expand their creativity and engage the wider community through the curated exhibition of their finished projects in May. 

Past TSR projects have addressed topics ranging from conservation and the environment to chronic disease and the neurochemistry of emotion.

Students may work in any creative media,  including:

·    painting, drawing or mixed media

·    sculpture or installation art

·    photography, film or digital art

·    dance, theater, or music composition

·    fiction, nonfiction, poetry or spoken word

To learn more about TSR projects completed in previous years, and for more information about the program, check out the TSR website!