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Studying Away From Stanford

Students often wonder if they can fit in a quarter away from the Stanford campus while majoring in Biology. The answer is YES!

We encourage you to explore your options for studying abroad or away from Stanford during your time as an undergraduate. It can definitely be done as long as you plan ahead of time. The following are just a few of the popular ways Biology majors have taken a quarter elsewhere.

Hopkins Marine Station

Explore Hopkins Marine Station

Located just 90 miles from campus, Hopkins Marine Station offers a plethora of Biology courses in very small, hands-on class environments. Most of the coursers offered at Hopkins have integrated lab components. Additionally, BIO 81 and 47 are offered at the Station! All courses offered at Hopkins Marine Station can count toward Biology major requirements.

For inquiries about how Hopkins fits into your degree program, please contact the Undergraduate Staff Advisor or a BioBridge Peer Advisor. Hopkins isn't necessarily abroad, but it is an experience unlike anything you will get on the main campus! Programs offered at Hopkins include the very popular Stanford @ SEA. For additional information, please contact the HMS Student Services Officer, Abby McConnell, abbymc [at] (abbymc[at]stanford[dot]edu).

Bing Overseas Programs

Study Abroad

The most popular BOSP program for Biology majors and minors is the program in Australia. Offered every Autumn quarter, the Australia program gives students the opportunity to increase understanding of key global ecosystems, while emphasizing the challenges of human co-habitation and industry. Students’ research skills are be enhanced by the hands-on nature of fieldwork. Courses in Australia have a prerequisite of Bio 81 or Humbio 2A, and can count for some of the Biology degree options.

Another popular BOSP program for Biology majors is the program in Oxford. While in Oxford, students participate in individual tutorials, many of which can be petitioned for credit in the Biology major.

In addition to these programs, there are also offerings in Paris and Santiago where students can earn credit toward the Biology major or minor. See the list of approved out-of-department electives for the major and the minor a full listing of BOSP courses that fulfill elective credits, or check with the Undergraduate Staff Advisor or BioBridge for more details.

Learn in Hawaii

The Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii

Offered every other Autumn, the 10-week Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii takes students to the islands of Hawai'i (the Big Island) and Kaua'i. Six weeks are spent exploring and studying the Big Island (at the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park and Waimea). The next two weeks are spent exploring Koke'e State Park and the Grand Canyon of Waimea on Kaua'i. Following the two weeks on Kaua'i, students return to the Big Island to complete the program. This program consists of three courses and an independent research project (15 total units total).

Other Programs

Additional Options for Studying Off Campus

If you're interested in studying abroad at a location where no courses are approved for the major, that's OK too! With advance planning, you can take a break from Biology courses and fulfill WAYS requirements while still being able to graduate on time. If you are interested in going abroad, either through Bing Overseas Studies or through another program, please be sure to visit the BOSP office on the ground level of Sweet Hall, or online. A BioBridge Peer Advisor can also help you make a 4-year plan that includes studying away from campus! Please also visit our list of courses away from campus that fulfill major requirements.