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Biology Research Restart

The Biology Return to Return to Research (R2R) Committee is tasked with assisting the department Chair with planning a safe, staged return to in-person on-campus research and scholarship. The following guidance has been customized to the needs of the Biology Department. It is only for the research work being done in Biology departmental laboratory spaces.

Guidance for research activities permited under Stage 1

Research in the Biology Department has advanced to Stage 1 as of 6/1/20. According to the Stanford Research Recovery Handbook, during Stage 1, the research activities initiated in Stage 0, i.e. Essential Research Functions and Minimum Basic Research Operations, will continue. “The goal in Stage 1 is to allow preparations for Stage 2 research while limiting population density in labs, in buildings, and on campus.”

Procedures for maximizing safety and limiting access and the process for requesting approval to enter Stage 1 are described in Biology Stage 1 Guidelines.  Faculty should refer to the full Guidelines for the description of procedures that must be adhered to.  For convenience, a summary of the Guidelines is provided here.

Procedures for maximizing safety and limiting access:

  • Before coming to campus personnel will monitor themselves for signs and symptoms and complete Health Check daily before coming to work.
  • Personnel will enter entry and exit times into the Biology Lab Access Schedule online form.
  • All personnel must adhere to the policies in the ​Biology Stage 1 Safety Checklist.
  • The workforce limit of 2 personnel per PI per shift may not be exceeded. The 2 personnel per PI per shift limit includes all personnel, i.e. those carrying out essential research functions, and Minimum Basic Research Operations.
  • The only exclusions to the limit are (a) faculty members who are accessing their offices but not laboratory spaces; and (b) a small number of Department Support Personnel including laboratory assistants and animal or plant care specialists who do not enter laboratory spaces.
  • Adequate time should be scheduled in between shifts to allow personnel to clean and disinfect their workspaces.
  • No more than 1 person can be present at any time in a room smaller than 250 square feet (these rooms will be identified by signs).
  • When two people are working in the same room, they should be situated ≥ 6-feet apart. 
  • To minimize the potential for transmission of virus, every effort must be made to avoid moving people between shifts, i.e. ideally researchers would be consistently paired together for work.
  • Use of any shared equipment/facilities accessed by research personnel must be coordinated via a shared calendar to ensure that personnel do not overlap between labs.
  • Face coverings must be worn inside buildings at all times.
  • Bathrooms should be occupied by only 1 person at a time.
  • Elevators should be occupied by only 1 person at a time.
  • Where indicated, travel may be one-way, for example on staircases.

Approval process for entering Stage 1: