Christine Jacobs-Wagner, "Organizing principles of bacterial cells"

Wed July 11th 2018, 4:00 - 5:00pm
Sapp Center for Science Teaching and Learning, Room 114
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Free and open to the public
Christine Jacobs-Wagner, "Organizing principles of bacterial cells"

Christine Jacobs-Wagner, PhD
Yale University
Microbial Sciences Institute

Dr. Christine Jacobs-Wagner is the William H. Fleming, M.D. Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and of Microbial Pathogenesis at Yale University.  She is an HHMI Investigator and Director of the Microbial Sciences Institute.

Abstract: To replicate successfully, cells must perform numerous tasks, which are stochastic in nature. Yet, cellular replication is incredibly robust, with each division producing daughter cells that are competent for self-replication. This robustness is particularly remarkable for bacteria, which can achieve doubling times as short as ten minutes. In my talk, I will briefly discuss the importance of intracellular organization for successful bacterial multiplication, and present an example of how spatial order can emerge without the presence of membrane-enclosed organelles or cytoskeletal motors. I will also explain the importance of considering the physical and chemical properties of the cytoplasm, and discuss how differences in some processes underlying bacterial growth may contribute to pathogenesis and disease. 

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