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Kristy Red-Horse, "Building and rebuilding the heart: development and recognition of coronary arteries"

March 19, 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Clark Center Auditorium S001

Free and open to the public.

Kristy Red-Horse is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology.  The Red-Horse Lab uses cardiovascular development as a model to study the signals that instruct cell fate and guide morphogenesis during organ formation in the mammalian embryo. Their current focus is to fate-map the different cellular sources that give rise to the coronary arteries of the heart and to identify the molecules that direct their migration and differentiation. Their long-term goal is to use this information to better understand and treat cardiovascular diseases. Red-Horse is the recipient of a Searle Scholar Award, a Terman Fellowship, and a NYSCF Innovator Award.

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Department of Biology
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