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Marc Feldman named Influential Biologist

Picture of Marc Feldman
Oct 2 2020

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Marc Feldman has been named as one of the 10 most influential Biologists in the U.S. by

Marcus Feldman completed his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Western Australia. He received his Master of Science in Mathematics from Monash University, also in Australia. He completed his Ph.D. in Mathematical Biology at Stanford.

Feldman has been on staff at Stanford since 1971. He has achieved the title of Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Biological Sciences. Feldman is also the Director of the Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies. He is a well known evolutionary biologist who applies his mathematical background to the analysis of evolutionary processes. His work in evolution has lead to the development of the quantitative theory of cultural evolution. Feldman also has done extensive research into the gender ratio and consequent demographic issues in China.

Feldman has published more than 500 research papers and several books.

Notable Honors and Awards:

  • China Population Study Award, 1998
  • “Paper of the Year 2002/2003,” The Lancet (bibliography number 294)
  • Kimura Motoo Award in Human Evolution, 2016
  • Allan V. Cox Medal for Fostering Undergraduate Research at Stanford, 2017