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Marc Feldman receives the Kimura Motoo Award

photo of Marc Feldman
Feb 22 2016

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Dr. Marcus Feldman has received the Kimura Motoo Award for his outstanding contributions to evolutionary biology and, in particular, human evolution.  Dr. Feldman is the Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Biological Sciences, Co-Founding Director of the Center for Computational, Evolutionary and Human Genomics (CEHG), and Director of the Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies.

The Kimura Motoo Foundation for the Promotion of Evolutionary Biology was founded ten years ago, by Mr. Osamu Suzuki, Chairman of the Board and former President of the Suzuki Company. The foundation was established with the goals of supporting and promoting research and education, not just in evolutionary biology, but also in the related life sciences.

In addition to receiving a certificate of award, Dr. Feldman has also been invited to travel to Tokyo in early June 2016, where he will give an award lecture. The Kimura Motoo Award is conferred annually, to outstanding scientists who have made significant contributions to the advancement of evolutionary biology in cooperation with the Japanese Society of Evolutionary Studies.