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Nona Chiariello receives 2019 Marsh O’Neill Award

Picture of Nona Chiariello
Farrin Abbott
Nov 18 2019

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Awards, Staff

Nona Chiariello, staff scientist at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, was selected to receive a 2019 Marsh O'Neill Award For Exceptional and Enduring Support of Stanford University's Research Enterprise. The Marsh O'Neill Award presents one of the few opportunities for faculty to acknowledge publicly the support of outstanding staff members who support their research activity.  

Chiariello's receipt of the award honors her critical role in facilitating the research of literally hundreds of researchers and projects during her nearly three-decade tenure at Jasper Ridge.  As staff scientist, she is the entry point for any research done at the preserve, which includes between 60 to 70 projects annually, including many new ones each year.  She tirelessly helps faculty and students alike in tailoring projects to make maximum use of Jasper Ridge’s unique resources, ensures that projects are not getting in the way of each other, and in many cases helps with experimental design, permitting, and field work.