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Oct 19 2021 | Woods Institute | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
The British Ecological Society (BES) announced today the winners of its annual awards and prizes, recognizing thirteen distinguished ecologists and groups whose work has benefited the scientific community and society in general.
Oct 12 2021 | Bio-X | Posted In: Research, Faculty
The idea that a drug could break through the brain's limitations to release our untapped potential has been fodder for many a science fiction tale, but a new study suggests this may not be as far-fetched as you might think. In fact, it could lead to new treatments for neurodegenerative conditions...
Sep 23 2021 | HHMI | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty
The 2021 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigators are diving deep into tough questions that span the landscape of biology and medicine. And the new cohort of 33 scientists that HHMI announced today represents outstanding science from across the United States. The scientists come from 21...
Sep 8 2021 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research, Faculty, Students
Researchers who study cultural evolution and transmission have long tried to answer these sorts of questions, seeking to get a handle on why trends, behaviors and ideas emerge and grow dominant within populations. One major factor, studies have shown, are the decisions of others.
Aug 25 2021 | ChEM-H News | Posted In: Research, Faculty
Christopher Barnes is a structural biologist who studies the three-dimensional shapes of biomolecules that are critical for vaccine development: virus-neutralizing antibodies and the proteins that stimulate their production, called antigens.