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Dec 11 2015 | Science | Posted In: Research, Faculty
Neuroscientists have long sought tools that allow optical imaging of individual neurons' membrane voltage dynamics in awake behaving animals. In a study that originated from Professor Mark Schnitzer's Lab where lead author Yiyang Gong was a postdoctoral fellow, Gong et al.genetically engineered a...
Dec 1 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
By targeting fundamental cellular machinery, the antiviral approach developed in Professor Judith Frydman's lab at Stanford could provide a roadmap to preventing infections that affect hundreds of millions of people every year. This strategy is detailed in a paper published in Cell.
Nov 25 2015 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
Professor Marcus Feldman and postdoctoral fellows Oren Kolodny and Nicole Creanza have devised a computer model that could help solve a long-standing mystery over why the introduction of new tools in prehistoric societies comes in periodic bursts. The study was recently published in PNAS.
Nov 4 2015 | NIH | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Assistant Professor Jessica Feldman received a 2015 NIH Director's New Innovator Award for her project, MECHANISMS CONTROLLING MICROTUBULE ORGANIZATION DURING CELL DIFFERENTIATION. This award supports exceptionally creative new investigators who propose highly innovative projects that have the...
Oct 19 2015 | The Guardian | Posted In: Research, Faculty
A radical new treatment for heart disease could be developed after Prof. Kristy Red-Horse and her team found cells that can grow into fresh arteries and restore blood supply to the organ.  The work paves the way for natural bypass therapies that coax heart cells into forming new arteries capable of...