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Apr 27 2021 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research, Faculty
Researchers examined 14,000 genetic differences between modern humans and our most recent ancestors at a new level of detail. They found that differences in gene activation – not just genetic code – could underlie evolution of the brain and vocal tract.
Apr 21 2021
Happy Administrative Professionals Day to our Biology administrative staff! We are grateful for your many contributions and support for the Biology department.  
Apr 14 2021 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research, Faculty, Students
What are scientists passionate about? What do they actually do, and why does it matter? Answering questions like these is often part of public outreach efforts that, through demystifying the world of science for non-scientists, can increase appreciation for science and boost support for important...
Apr 9 2021 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research, Faculty
A Stanford-led study illuminates secrets of the North Pacific loggerhead turtles’ epic migration between their birthplace on the beaches of Japan and reemergence years later in foraging grounds off the coast of Baja California. The study, published April 8 in  Frontiers in Marine Science, provides...