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Nov 28 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
A new discovery reveals how cells decide what to do with misshapen proteins – whether to salvage or destroy them – and could guide research into neurodegenerative diseases and other cellular processes.
Nov 24 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Awards, Students
Biology senior Kristina Correa, an honors student in biology who is also earning a minor in computer science, has won a 2019 Rhodes Scholarship. Correa is among the 32 American women and men selected for the scholarship, according to an announcement by the Rhodes Trust.
Nov 21 2018 | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Assistant Professor Erin Mordecai was selected as a Terman Fellow for three years beginning Fall 2018.  These fellowships, established by William Hewlett and David Packard, aid young scientists with establishing their laboratories and recuiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
Nov 20 2018 | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Associate Professors Hunter Fraser and Ashby Morrison have been named as Chambers Fellows. This fellowship was established as part of the bequest of alumnus Dudley Chambers, '27, ENG '28, to encourage teaching and research in the natural sciences.
Oct 31 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Mary Beth Mudgett, professor of biology, was appointed the Stanford Friends University Fellow in Undergraduate Education. The Bass University Fellows in Undergraduate Education Program recognizes faculty members for their extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education. The program is one of...