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Oct 17 2018 | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Congratualations to Professor Martha Cyert, who has been appointed to the Dr. Nancy Chang Professorship.  This endowed chair was established by Dr. Nancy Chang in 2004 in honor of Stanford's Campaign for Undergraduate Education.  Dr.
Oct 4 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
A new study from Professor Dmitri Petrov's lab has  found compelling evidence that Neanderthals passed along genetic defenses against viral diseases to modern humans when the two species interbred 50,000 years ago. The study was published online Oct. 4 in the journal Cell.
Sep 17 2018 | School of Humanities & Sciences | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
Biology Assistant Professor Lauren O’Connell is one of eleven recipients of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Enabling Discovery through Genomic Tools (EDGE) program. The awardees are tasked with developing and disseminating tools that allow biologists to address mechanistic questions about...
Sep 7 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
As the world heats up, plants face a dilemma – the same tiny holes they have to open to exchange gases also let out water.
Aug 23 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research, Faculty
New findings from Professor Liqun Luo's lab reveal that the brain’s serotonin system ­– which regulates everything from our moods to our movements – is made up of multiple parallel pathways that affect the brain in different, and sometimes opposing, ways. Using neuroanatomical methods that they...