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Scientists paint nuanced picture of brain system regulating moods, movements

A 3D rendering of the serotonin system in the left hemisphere of the mouse brain
Jing Ren
Aug 23 2018

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New findings from Professor Liqun Luo's lab reveal that the brain’s serotonin system ­– which regulates everything from our moods to our movements – is made up of multiple parallel pathways that affect the brain in different, and sometimes opposing, ways. Using neuroanatomical methods that they invented, his group showed that the serotonin system is actually composed of at least two, and likely more, parallel subsystems that work in concert to affect the brain in different, and sometimes opposing, ways. For instance, one subsystem promotes anxiety, whereas the other promotes active coping in the face of challenges. The findings, published online on August 23 in the journal Cell, could have implications for the treatment of depression and anxiety.