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Toolmakers aim to untangle fundamental challenges in neuroscience

Jun 2 2021

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The Neuro-Omics Initiative was launched by Alice Ting, PhD, Liqun Luo, PhD, and Stephen Quake, DPhil, who realized that big data technologies — paired with modern machine learning — could allow scientists to comprehensively and reliably classify the cells of the brain based on their genetic programming.

Joining the effort are a multi-disciplinary team of collaborators, including machine learning expert Jure Leskovec, PhD, evolutionary and organismal biologist Lauren O'Connell, PhD, and bioengineer and developmental biologist Bo Wang, PhD. “We’ve all admired one another’s work for a long time, but the Big Idea program made us think concretely about how to bring our different techniques and perspectives together and spurred us to launch ambitious projects that we wouldn't have done without being asked to think seriously about how we would transform the field,” Luo said.

The Neuro-Omics team from left to right: Liqun Luo, PhD, (Biology); Alice Ting, PhD, (Biology, Genetics); Lauren O'Connell, PhD, (Biology); Stephen Quake, DPhil, (Bioengineering, Applied Physics); Jure Leskovec, PhD, (Computer Science); and Bo Wang, PhD, (Bioengineering). Image credit: Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute