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The Coterm program is intended to be personalized to a student's particular interests within the field of Biology. Each candidate designs a coherent program of study in consultation with their department advisor. Although no specific courses are required, the plan of study must fit within the parameters below. Once coursework is chosen, the student will submit a program proposal, signed by their faculty advisor and then approved by the chair of the MS committee. This program proposal is due by the add/drop deadline in the student's first quarter of enrollment. You can find a full list of requirements and policies in the MS Coterm Handbook 

Appropriate coursework in the Biology Coterm program can include courses in Biology (BIO), at Hopkins Marine Station (BIOHOPK), approved out-of-department electives, advanced foundational breadth courses, research and/or teaching. The program requires at least 45 units at or above the 100-level. 


All courses must be 100-level or higher

Any BIO class at the 100-level or above may be counted towards the Coterm degree with these exceptions:

  • BIO 196 ABC cannot be counted toward the coterm degree requirements
  • Students may earn credit for one quarter of BIO 114 ABC 
23 or more units of graduate level coursework

A minimum of 23 units of graduate level courses must be taken. Graduate level courses are typically at the 200-level or higher.

Up to 18 units of research, reading, and/or teaching

Coterm students may be particularly interested in engaging in research or teaching. Students can earn a maximum of 18 units in research credit, directed reading and/or teaching, using the following subject codes:

  • Research
    • BIO 300, BIOHOPK 300H, BIO 300X: Research in Biology, at Hopkins, or outside of the department (with approved petition), respectively
  • Teaching
    • BIO 290, BIOHOPK 290H: Teaching Practicum in Biology
    • BIO 291: Development and Teaching of Core Labs
    • BIO 296: Teaching and Learning in Biology
  • Directed Reading
    • BIO 198, BIOHOPK 198H, BIO 198X: Directed Reading in Biology, at Hopkins, or outside of the department, respectively

Note: Out of department petitions are required for BIO 300X and BIO 198X.

Learn about out-of-department research (BIO 300X)

Up to 9 units of advanced foundational breadth courses

Students may take a maximum of 9 units of advanced foundational breadth courses in Chemistry, Math, Statistics, Computer Science, and/or Physics if those courses meet the following criteria: 

Up to 9 units of professional development

Coterm students may take a maximum of 9 units of coursework relevant to their professional development. In order to receive consideration for these courses, students must submit a petition prior to taking their intended course(s).

Earn a B- or better in each course

Students may take up to 6 units CR/NC. All other courses must be taken for a letter grade, and a grade of B- or better is required.