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Doing Research

Participating in research as an undergraduate can be a very rewarding experience. Approximately 90% of Biology majors pursue an independent research project at some point during their undergraduate careers; some also pursue honors, and some do not. Read through the sections below to see how you can get started doing research on campus!

Directed reading can be a great way for students to learn the literature of a specific field, either for interest or as a prelude to beginning a research project. These independent study sections can be done with a faculty member in Biology or elsewhere on campus.

Get academic credit for working in a research lab on campus!

Targeted toward freshmen and sophomores who wish to gain research experience, this summer program allows students to get paid for 10 weeks of research. Programs are located on campus and at other sites around the world. Applications are due Monday, January 24, 2023 by 11:59pm PST.   

Current Biology majors who work on an independent research project over the summer can earn academic credit for their work.