Tyler McFadden

Tyler McFadden
My research investigates the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss, focusing on how ecological communities respond to human impacts. My work is solution-oriented and interdisciplinary, integrating field data, human dimensions, and statistical and spatial analyses to inform ecosystem management. I have worked with many taxa, but birds are my favorite. My current research takes place in southern Chile and the San Francisco Bay Area and falls into three major topics:

• Biodiversity in managed forests
• Spatial ecology of species interactions
• Combined effects of climate change and land-use on biodiversity

I enjoy mentoring students and am passionate about environmental education at all levels. At Stanford I teach Ornithology (BIO 121/221), developed a new course in Science for Conservation Policy (BIO 101), and co-founded an afterschool outdoor education program for high school English Language Learners (www.meroscience.org).

I am currently a Lecturer in the Biology department. Previously I completed my PhD in Rodolfo Dirzo's lab in 2021 and a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from Oregon State University in 2014.