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Structural investigation of viral-host interactions

Martha S. Cyert

Phone: (650) 723-9970
Lab Website
Chemical and systems biology of Ca2+ dependent phosphatase signaling networks
Investigating cell death pathways using chemical biology and functional genomics
Protein folding, protein quality control, amyloid and misfolding diseases
Role of chromatin signaling in nuclear programming and disease regulation

Ron Kopito

Phone: (650) 723-7581
Lab Website
Protein quality control and molecular mechanisms of disease

Ashby Morrison

Phone: (650) 721-6589
Lab Website
Chromatin regulation of genome stability
Biochemistry of pathogen manipulation of host signaling to promote disease
The surface display of proteins by Gram-negative bacteria

Jan Skotheim

Phone: (650) 721-1160
Lab Website
Cell cycle control and systems biology

Alice Ting

Phone: (650) 723-0397
Lab Website
Molecular technologies for the study of protein networks, mitochondria, synapses, and RNA

Courtesy Faculty

How photosynthetic organisms perceive and respond to their environment

Emeriti Faculty

William Nelson

Phone: (650) 723-8474

We seek to understand how cell-cell interactions specify the correct cellular organization of complex tissues