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Computational Biology


Bacterial physiology and host-microbe interactions

Martha S. Cyert

Phone: (650) 723-9970
Lab Website
Chemical and systems biology of Ca2+ dependent phosphatase signaling networks

Giulio De Leo

Phone: (831) 655-6202
Lab Website
Modeling conservation and management of marine resources, disease dynamics

Marcus Feldman

Phone: (650) 725-1867

Human genetic and cultural evolution, mathematical biology, demography of China population genetics
The evolution of gene expression, integrating experiments and computation

Deborah M Gordon

Phone: (650) 725-6364
Lab Website
Collective behavior, ants, modelling, genetics, neurophysiology, ecology, evolution

Erin Mordecai

Phone: (650) 497-7447
Lab Website
Community ecology of infectious disease

Ashby Morrison

Phone: (650) 721-6589
Lab Website
Chromatin regulation of genome stability

Dmitri Petrov

Phone: (650) 731-1169
Lab Website
Evolution of genomes and population genomics of adaptation and variation
Genomics, human genetic and phenotypic variation, evolution

Noah Rosenberg

Phone: (650) 723-4831
Lab Website
Human evolution, mathematical models, population genetics, statistical genetics

Jan Skotheim

Phone: (650) 721-1160
Lab Website
Cell cycle control and systems biology

Shripad Tuljapurkar

Phone: (650) 723-6311
Lab Website
Demography: animal and human; Theoretical ecology and evolution

Courtesy Faculty

Genetic evolution and ecology of species under climate change
Organization, function, regulation and evolution of plant metabolic networks