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Molecular Biology


Structural investigation of viral-host interactions
Investigating cell death pathways using chemical biology and functional genomics
Cell patterning and cytoskeleton organization during development
The evolution of gene expression, integrating experiments and computation
Role of chromatin signaling in nuclear programming and disease regulation
Developmental biology of dopamine neurons and mRNA processing

Ron Kopito

Phone: (650) 723-7581
Lab Website
Protein quality control and molecular mechanisms of disease

Sharon R. Long

Phone: (650) 723-3153
Lab Website
Biochemistry, genetics and cell biology of plant-bacterial symbiosis

Ashby Morrison

Phone: (650) 721-6589
Lab Website
Chromatin regulation of genome stability

Kabir Peay

Phone: (650) 723-0552
Lab Website
Ecology, community structure & ecosystem function of plant-microbial symbiosis
The surface display of proteins by Gram-negative bacteria

Carla Shatz

Phone: (650) 723-0534
Lab Website
How experience tunes up brain circuits during critical periods of development
Picture of Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Development, plasticity and degeneration of neural circuits

Virginia Walbot

Phone: (650) 723-2007
Lab Website
Mechanisms of cell fate specification

Courtesy Faculty

picture of Devaki Bhaya
Molecular ecology of phototrophic communities, metagenomic analysis, cyanophages
Molecular basis of how light and hormones control growth and development in plants

Paula V. Welander

Phone: (650) 723-7341

Microbial physiology, molecular geomicrobiology, lipid biosynthesis

Emeriti Faculty

Transcription effects on genomic instability with non-canonical DNA structures

Patricia Jones

Phone: (650) 725-4816

Molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate immune responses