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Barbara Block

Phone: (831) 655-6236
Lab Website
Thermal physiology, open ocean predators, ecological physiology and tuna biology
Brain circuits mediating motivated behaviors; addiction, pain and depression

Jose R. Dinneny

Phone: (650) 724-2366
Lab Website
Understanding how plants perceive, use and interact with water at multiple scales

Jeremy Goldbogen

Phone: (831) 655-6234
Lab Website
Functional morphology, biomechanics, physiological ecology, energetics

H. Craig Heller

Phone: (650) 723-1509
Lab Website
Neurobiology of sleep and circadian rhythms, memory, and thermoregulation
Evolutionary innovations in physiology and behavior from molecules to ecosystems

Robert Sapolsky

Phone: (650) 723-2649

Neuron death, stress, gene therapy
Novel imaging technologies to understand neural circuits, learning, and memory

Courtesy Faculty

How marine organisms respond to environmental change

Emeriti Faculty

How social behavior changes neurons and their connections in the brain