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Plant Biology


Cell fate, stem-cell behaviors, and cell polarity in plant epidermal lineages

Jose R. Dinneny

Phone: (650) 724-2366
Lab Website
Understanding how plants perceive, use and interact with water at multiple scales

Rodolfo Dirzo

Phone: (650) 736-7643
Lab Website
Evolutionary ecology of species interactions and conservation science

Chris Field

Phone: (650) 736-4352
Lab Website
Global ecology, climate change impacts, global carbon cycle, ecosystem ecology

Sharon R. Long

Phone: (650) 723-3153
Lab Website
Biochemistry, genetics and cell biology of plant-bacterial symbiosis

Erin Mordecai

Phone: (650) 497-7447
Lab Website
Community ecology of infectious disease
Biochemistry of pathogen manipulation of host signaling to promote disease

Kabir Peay

Phone: (650) 723-0552
Lab Website
Ecology, community structure & ecosystem function of plant-microbial symbiosis

Virginia Walbot

Phone: (650) 723-2007
Lab Website
Mechanisms of cell fate specification

Courtesy Faculty

Organization, function and roles of cytoskeletal networks on cell morphogenesis
Genetic evolution and ecology of species under climate change
How photosynthetic organisms perceive and respond to their environment
Organization, function, regulation and evolution of plant metabolic networks
Molecular basis of how light and hormones control growth and development in plants