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Researcher Checklist & FAQs

Notice: These requirements are subject to change as University and County/State requirements and guidance evolves.

New to the department or returning to the campus for the first time after shelter-in-place?

Checklist for approval of on-site researchers (* for new to the department only):

What do on-site researchers need to do each day?

Frequently Asked Questions:

COVID-19 vaccinations    COVID-19 testing and HealthCheck policies    Travel    Building access    Conference rooms, kitchens, and cleaning supplies

New parking enforcement


COVID-19 vaccinations

Where do I find out if I'm eligible for a vaccine?

See the latest information from Stanford.

See the latest information from Santa Clara County.

In addition you can check with your own county of residence as well as your healthcare provider.

COVID-19 testing and HealthCheck policies

What should I do if I’m feeling ill today? 

Do not come into work. Fill out HealthCheck as soon as you experience symptoms, and arrange to be tested as soon as possible. Stay isolated until a negative test result is obtained. Information on symptoms, exposure, and testing positive.

Do I need to tell my lab if I’m sick?

You must report your symptoms and test results on HealthCheck. You are not required to tell your lab if you are sick, but you are encouraged to inform your PI/supervisor. This can help protect members of your workgroup. See guidance from HealthAlerts.

When do I need to get tested for COVID-19?

Effective 9/20/2021, fully vaccinated faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars will be required to test once a week. Find out how to pick up and drop off tests.

Twice weekly testing will be required for unvaccinated faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students (who are currently required to test once a week). This includes those who have not confirmed their vaccination status on Health Check or cannot be vaccinated. Testing will be once weekly for those who come to work on-site three days or fewer per week and are not fully vaccinated.

Please review the student testing guidelines.

Test pick up and drop off locations and hours.

What should I do if I test positive or I come in contact with someone who tests positive?

Submit this information to HealthCheck as soon as possible. Please see the Stanford positive case response procedures.

What are the consequences of not filling out HealthCheck?

Building access may be revoked for 3 repeated violations within a month.

When do I need to fill out HealthCheck?

Everyone must fill out HealthCheck each day, 1-2 hours before coming to campus. You must receive a green badge beforeentering a building.

Daily Health Check submissions are not required for faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars coming to campus who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (documentation uploaded on Health Check) or fully vaccinated students on campus (documentation on the Vaden Health Portal) unless they become symptomatic, have a positive COVID test or are exposed to household members who have tested positive.

Can I fill out HealthCheck after arriving on campus? 

Please fill out HealthCheck beforearriving on campus.


What is Stanford’s policy on personal travel?

See the latest travel advisories and policies about returning to Stanford after travel from outside the area.

Is it possible to do University-sponsored traveling?

University-sponsored travel is in a limited phase.

Building access

What should I do if the door is already open when I arrive at my building?

Please swipe your ID card every time you enter the building, even if the door is already open, to maintain an accurate log of building access. Please do not let others follow you into the building.

Can non-Stanford affiliates come in to use the bathroom?

No, only people who are approved for building access and who have completed HealthCheck are allowed to access the building.

Can visitors from other Stanford departments enter the building?

Research collaborators from other University Departments and Schools that regularly enter the facilities should contact Kwame Akan, Facilities Manager, to receive building access privileges. The building access request will be reviewed, and if approved provided card access to the facility.  These individuals should be aware of the University wide guidelines for the Covid-19 safety from their department homes.

Can I have high school or non-Stanford undergraduate volunteers in the lab?

As Stanford resumes a near normal academic and research experience in the fall, and to ensure the health and safety of the Stanford community, internships will be permitted to operate in-person on a limited basis in the fall and winter beginning October 18, 2021, for youth participants who submit proof of vaccination. In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus, Stanford is imposing a mandatory vaccine requirement. Accordingly, in-person programs and activities will be open only to vaccinated minors, which necessarily means minors ages 12 and up.

In-person internship requirements

Can I have a vendor approved for building access?

Yes. Please contact Kwame Akan for assistance filling out the vendor approval form.

Who can I notify of COVID-protocol noncompliance in my building?

In cases of COVID-19 safety protocol noncompliance, please notify Kwame Akan ( and Bettye Price ( and Sonam Desai ( by email.

Conference rooms, kitchens, and cleaning supplies

Can I eat in the buildings?

There are now designated indoor spaces in which it is permissible to eat inside Bass and Gilbert. These spaces are lab-specific and instructions as to their use, cleaning procedures and cleaning supplies are available in each facility. If these are not clear or present or if you have any questions, please contact Kwame Akan.

Where are the sheltered outdoor eating areas?

Try the Bass and Gilbert patios, Bass courtyard, Blend courtyard, tables outside of Gilbert, or the outdoor patio on the 4th floor of Gilbert.

Can I use the kitchens?

Yes. Kitchen areas on each floor in Gilbert and Bass are open for use by neighboring labs. Occupancy limits have been removed and employees can consume food within the facilities.  (Please use disinfectant supplies prior and after using the kitchen equipment/supplies and dining areas). Building occupants are encouraged to consume food outside the buildings and enjoy local weather and campus grounds.

What food vendors are open on campus?

Blend Cafe 

Beckman Bistro

Bytes Cafe 


How do I reserve a conference room? 

Use the Bass and Gilbert conference room Outlook calendars to make reservations for individual use or small group meetings. Occupancy limits have been removed from conference rooms.

Where can I obtain more cleaning supplies for my lab?

The Biology department is providing paper towels and isopropanol for disinfecting lab spaces. Cleaning supplies and extra PPE are stored in Bass 238 and Gilbert 2J1. Contact Kwame Akan if these stocks are running low.

New parking enforcement

When are parking permits enforced?

Starting June 16, Stanford is returning to weekday enforcement for commuter parking. Stanford Transportation implemented 24/7-parking enforcement in November 2020 in support of Stanford’s campus zones. As COVID-19 guidance evolves and the main campus enters a phased reopening, parking enforcement is returning to normal. As June 16, most commuter and visitor spaces will be enforced between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays or according to posted signage.