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Independent Capstone in Biology

To fulfill their capstone requirement, seniors in Biology may undertake an independent capstone project through the Independent Capstone in Biology course series, BIO199 A, B, C. Such projects might involve creative works, research or business internships, travel-based study, teaching, or community service. Examples include the production of a teaching or business plan, a film or podcast, or a public education campaign. The Independent Capstone in Biology is best suited for those students who wish to complete their projects independently, without close peer support and collaboration, while continuing to benefit from project mentorship.

In Spring quarter of their junior year, through BIO 199A, each student will produce a formal proposal of 8-12 pages, detailing the ideas, background, and anticipated processes that will give rise to their project. These will serve as blueprints for their emerging projects and will satisfy the WIM for Biology. They may also serve as grant proposals for those students applying for funding. While some students may begin researching or producing their projects in the summer following their junior year, all students in the program will work on their projects in Fall quarter (through BIO 199B) and winter quarter (through BIO 199C) of senior year.

Course Requirements

BIO199A (3 units)

In Spring quarter of junior year (Bio199A) students will attend one class meeting per week. They will also select and meet with project mentors. With the guidance and feedback of course instructors, mentors, and fellow workshop participants, students will conceive, write, and revise written proposals describing the inspirations, scopes, and intended forms of their creative projects.

BIO199B (1-3 units)

While some students may begin their projects in the summer following their junior year, each student will continue production in the fall quarter of senior year through Bio199B. Depending on the scale of their projects, students may enroll for 1-3 units.

BIO199C (2 units)

In Winter quarter of their senior year, students will refine and complete their independent capstone projects.