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Emeriti Faculty

The role of the social sciences in dealing with global change

David Epel

Phone: (831) 655-6200

Russell D. Fernald

Phone: (650) 725-2460
Admin: Pamela Hung
Lab Website
How social behavior changes neurons and their connections in the brain
Transcription effects on genomic instability with non-canonical DNA structures

Patricia Jones

Phone: (650) 725-4816
Admin: Elayna McCarty

Molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate immune responses

Harold Mooney

Phone: (650) 725-1857

William Nelson

Phone: (650) 723-8474

We seek to understand how cell-cell interactions specify the correct cellular organization of complex tissues

Peter Ray

Phone: (650) 723-4497

Dow Woodward

Phone: (650) 723-6408