Structural investigation of viral-host interactions
Cellular basis of evolution of development
Cell fate, stem-cell behaviors, and cell polarity in plant epidermal lineages
Thermal physiology, open ocean predators, ecological physiology and tuna biology
Brain circuits mediating motivated behaviors; addiction, pain and depression
Bacterial physiology and host-microbe interactions
Chemical and systems biology of Ca2+ dependent phosphatase signaling networks
Land use, biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem services
Understanding how plants perceive, use and interact with water at multiple scales
Evolutionary ecology of species interactions and conservation science
Investigating cell death pathways using chemical biology and functional genomics
Cell patterning and cytoskeleton organization during development
Human genetic and cultural evolution, mathematical biology, demography of China population genetics
Global ecology, climate change impacts, global carbon cycle, ecosystem ecology
The evolution of gene expression, integrating experiments and computation
Protein folding, protein quality control, amyloid and misfolding diseases
Collective behavior, ants, modelling, genetics, neurophysiology, ecology, evolution
Role of chromatin signaling in nuclear programming and disease regulation
Animal response to past, present & future climatic change
Neurobiology of sleep and circadian rhythms, memory, and thermoregulation
Developmental biology of dopamine neurons and mRNA processing
Bacterial cell replication from general principles and mechanisms to Lyme disease
Human biological and behavioral evolution
Protein quality control and molecular mechanisms of disease
Biochemistry, genetics and cell biology of plant-bacterial symbiosis
Evolution and development, specifically the evolution of the deuterostomes
Genetic analysis of neural circuit organization and assembly in flies and mice
Biochemistry of pathogen manipulation of host signaling to promote disease
Evolutionary innovations in physiology and behavior from molecules to ecosystems
Using genomics to understand ecology, evolution & conservation of marine species
Ecology, community structure & ecosystem function of plant-microbial symbiosis
Evolution of genomes and population genomics of adaptation and variation
Genomics, human genetic and phenotypic variation, evolution
Human evolution, mathematical models, population genetics, statistical genetics
Neuron death, stress, gene therapy
Novel imaging technologies to understand neural circuits, learning, and memory
Genetics, evolution, physiology and behavior in natural populations
The surface display of proteins by Gram-negative bacteria
How experience tunes up brain circuits during critical periods of development
Molecular mechanisms of synapse formation
Planar cell polarity, cell shape and mobility, and control of cell fate
Neurobiology, signal transduction
Molecular technologies for the study of protein networks, mitochondria, synapses, and RNA
Demography: animal and human; Theoretical ecology and evolution
Stem cell-mediated development, Regeneration, Chimerism and aging in marine organisms

Incoming Biology Faculty Spring 2024

Shannon Yan

Aidee Guzman

Vanessa Barone (Hopkins) 

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