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Ecological responses to global change

Dominique Bergmann

Office: Gilbert 208B
Admin: Brenda Koehler
Lab Website
Cell fate, stem-cell behaviors, and cell polarity in plant epidermal lineages

Barbara Block

Office: HMS Loeb 17
Phone: (831) 655-6236
Lab Website
Thermal physiology, open ocean predators, ecological physiology and tuna biology

Steven M. Block

Office: Bass 307
Admin: Teresita Mezzetta
Lab Website
Single molecule biophysics using optical trapping and fluorescence

Xiaoke Chen

Office: Bass 319B
Admin: Yolanda Madrid
Lab Website
Brain circuits mediating motivated behaviors; addiction, pain and depression
headshot of Jonas Cremer

Jonas Cremer (arriving Jan. 2020)

Lab Website
Bacterial physiology and host-microbe interactions

Larry Crowder

Office: HMS Loeb 7A
Phone: (831) 655-6217
Admin: Marianne DiMaggio
Lab Website
Ecology, conservation, fisheries, protected species, ecosystem-based management

Martha S. Cyert

Office: Bass 410B
Phone: (650) 723-9970
Admin: Tammy Learned
Lab Website
Chemical and systems biology of Ca2+ dependent phosphatase signaling networks

Gretchen C. Daily

Office: Bass 125
Phone: (650) 723-9452
Admin: Michelle Valencia

Land use, biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem services

Giulio De Leo

Office: HMS Fisher 6
Phone: (831) 655-6202
Admin: Cheryl Butner
Lab Website
Modeling conservation and management of marine resources, disease dynamics

Mark Denny

Office: HMS Fisher 1
Phone: (831) 655-6208
Lab Website
Biomechanics, ecology, and ecological physiology

Jose R. Dinneny

Office: Gilbert 228B
Phone: (650) 724-2366
Admin: Yvonne Lee
Lab Website
Understanding how plants perceive, use and interact with water at multiple scales

Rodolfo Dirzo

Office: Bass 210
Phone: (650) 736-7643
Admin: Pamela Hung
Lab Website
Evolutionary ecology of species interactions and conservation science

Scott Dixon

Office: Bass 423
Admin: Janet Elder
Lab Website
Investigating cell death pathways using chemical biology and functional genomics

Jessica Feldman

Office: Gilbert 306B
Admin: Yvonne Lee
Lab Website
Cell patterning and cytoskeleton organization during development

Marcus Feldman

Office: Bass 234
Phone: (650) 725-1867
Admin: Lawrence Bond

Human genetic and cultural evolution, mathematical biology, demography of China population genetics

Chris Field

Phone: (650) 736-4352
Lab Website
Global ecology, climate change impacts, global carbon cycle, ecosystem ecology

Hunter Fraser

Office: Bass 107
Admin: Pamela Hung
Lab Website
The evolution of gene expression, integrating experiments and computation

Judith Frydman

Office: Clark E200A
Admin: Angie Kwong
Lab Website
Protein folding, protein quality control, amyloid and misfolding diseases

Tadashi Fukami

Office: Bass 208
Phone: (650) 721-1711
Admin: Yolanda Madrid
Lab Website

William Gilly

Office: HMS De Nault 108
Phone: (831) 655-6219
Lab Website
Ion channels in excitable cells; Motor control/behavior in Cephalopods

Jeremy Goldbogen

Office: HMS De Nault 208
Phone: (831) 655-6234
Lab Website
Functional morphology, biomechanics, physiological ecology, energetics

Deborah M Gordon

Office: Gilbert 410B
Phone: (650) 725-6364
Admin: LaMoria Roberts
Lab Website
Ant colony organization, behavior, ecology, population and behavioral genetics

Or Gozani

Office: Bass 310
Admin: Brenda Koehler
Lab Website
Role of chromatin signaling in nuclear programming and disease regulation

Elizabeth Hadly

Office: Bass 220B
Phone: (650) 498-4995 ext. lab
Admin: LaMoria Roberts
Lab Website
Animal response to past, present & future climatic change

H. Craig Heller

Office: Gilbert 420A
Phone: (650) 723-1509
Admin: May Chin

Neurobiology of sleep and circadian rhythms, memory, and thermoregulation

Mary Hynes

Office: Bass 309
Lab Website
Developmental biology of dopamine neurons and mRNA processing

Richard Klein

Office: Bldg 80 203
Phone: (650) 725-9819

Human biological and behavioral evolution

Ron Kopito

Office: Bass 422
Phone: (650) 723-7581
Admin: Tammy Learned
Lab Website
Protein quality control and molecular mechanisms of disease

Sharon R. Long

Office: Gilbert 216A
Phone: (650) 723-3153
Admin: Alexandra Bloom
Lab Website
Biochemistry, genetics and cell biology of plant-bacterial symbiosis

Christopher Lowe

Office: HMS Loeb 110
Phone: (831) 655-6226
Lab Website
Evolution and development, specifically the evolution of the deuterostomes

Liqun Luo

Office: Bass 330
Admin: Mary Molacavage
Lab Website
Genetic analysis of neural circuit organization and assembly in flies and mice

Susan K. McConnell

Office: Bass 126
Phone: (650) 725-8786
Admin: Yvonne Lee
Lab Website
Determination of neuronal cell fates and connectivity

Fiorenza Micheli

Office: HMS Aggassiz 5
Phone: (831) 655-6251
Admin: Cheryl Butner
Lab Website
Ecology and conservation of marine ecosystems

Erin Mordecai

Office: Gilbert 406
Phone: (650) 497-7447
Admin: Michelle Valencia
Lab Website
Community ecology of infectious disease

Ashby Morrison

Office: Gilbert 326B
Phone: (650) 721-6589
Admin: Elyse Pierson
Lab Website
Chromatin regulation of genome stability

Mary Beth Mudgett

Office: Gilbert 228A
Admin: Yolanda Madrid
Lab Website
Biochemistry of pathogen manipulation of host signaling to promote disease

Lauren O'Connell

Office: Gilbert 306A
Admin: Tess Mezzetta
Lab Website
Evolutionary innovations in physiology and behavior from molecules to ecosystems

Stephen Palumbi

Office: HMS Blinks 114
Phone: (831) 655-6210
Admin: Elizabeth Sheets
Lab Website
Using genomics to understand ecology, evolution & conservation of marine species

Kabir Peay

Office: Bass 207
Phone: (650) 723-0552
Admin: Alexandra Bloom
Lab Website
Ecology, community structure & ecosystem function of plant-microbial symbiosis

Dmitri Petrov

Office: Bass 232
Phone: (650) 731-1169
Admin: Susan Mello
Lab Website
Evolution of genomes and population genomics of adaptation and variation
Genomics, human genetic and phenotypic variation, evolution

Kristy Red-Horse

Office: Gilbert 326A
Admin: Elyse Pierson
Lab Website
Cardiovascular development and regeneration

Noah Rosenberg

Office: Bass 235
Phone: (650) 723-4831
Admin: Susan Mello
Lab Website
Human evolution, mathematical models, population genetics, statistical genetics

Robert Sapolsky

Phone: (650) 723-2649
Admin: Lisa Pereira

Neuron death, stress, gene therapy

Mark J. Schnitzer

Office: Clark W081
Admin: Teresita Mezzetta
Lab Website
Novel imaging technologies to understand neural circuits, learning, and memory
Picture of Molly Schumer

Molly Schumer (arriving Sept. 2019)

Lab Website
Evolutionary and population genetics focusing on hybridization between species

Carla Shatz

Office: Clark W157
Phone: (650) 723-0534
Admin: Anaida Stepanyan
Lab Website
How experience tunes up brain circuits during critical periods of development

Kang Shen

Office: Bass 331
Admin: Clarence McClanahan
Lab Website
Molecular mechanisms of synapse formation

Michael Simon

Office: Bass 308
Admin: Brenda Koehler

Planar cell polarity, cell shape and mobility, and control of cell fate

Jan Skotheim

Office: Bass 404
Phone: (650) 721-1160
Admin: Lisa Pereira
Lab Website
Cell cycle control and systems biology

Tim Stearns

Office: Bass 403
Phone: (650) 725-6934
Admin: Tammy Learned
Lab Website
Cell organization and signaling and deciphering human genetic variation
Picture of Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Office: Bass 311
Phone: (650) 724-3984
Admin: Michael Heke
Lab Website
Development, plasticity and degeneration of neural circuits

Stuart Thompson

Office: HMS Loeb 10
Phone: (831) 277-1849

Neurobiology, signal transduction

Alice Ting

Office: Clark W153
Phone: (650) 723-0397
Admin: Janet Elder
Lab Website
Molecular technologies for the study of protein networks, mitochondria, synapses, and RNA

Shripad Tuljapurkar

Office: Bass 233
Phone: (650) 723-6311
Admin: Michelle Valencia
Lab Website
Demography: animal and human; Theoretical ecology and evolution

Peter Vitousek

Office: Y2E2 375
Phone: (650) 725-1866
Admin: Michelle Valencia
Lab Website
Pacific Islands as models for biogeochemistry and human-environment interaction

Virginia Walbot

Office: Herrin Labs 251
Phone: (650) 723-2007
Admin: Alexandra Bloom
Lab Website
Mechanisms of cell fate specification