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VPUE Summer Program

VPUE-Sponsored Summer Research in Biology

The Department of Biology, using funds from the office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE), offers paid research internships to current Stanford undergraduates who want to spend the summer participating in ongoing faculty research projects to learn biological research methods. Participating students are usually sophomores who have completed at least one quarter of the BioCore or HumBio Core, or are especially well-prepared freshmen. Extensive experience is not required; the basic design of the research projects is provided by faculty who will guide you.

Most of these projects take place on the Stanford main campus and Hopkins Marine Stations in Pacific Grove, CA. Some projects take Stanford students out of the area or even out of the country to experience environmental, ecological and animal behavior research through already-established projects. Often, data is collected in the field and analyzed on campus.

Students will get the opportunity to work directly with faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students. Laboratory research often involves long hours at the bench and a great attention to detail. The hours can be irregular and the results may be few and far between. Learn the details of each project from the descriptions below, and consider talking to the research sponsors to decide if it is right for you.

2016 VPUE Project Descriptions

The 2016 VPUE program in Biology will feature 57 different research projects. Of these, 36 will take place at Stanford, 13 at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, and the remaining 8 will be at field sites thoughout the world. The application is due Friday January 29, 2016.

Click here for descriptions of the projects

Application Process

The application is now closed. Students will be contacted with a decision by April 2016.